Cellulite is one of the biggest concerns for our female clients, specifically after child birth. We often hear it makes them feel self-conscious and restricts what they can do and wear, especially in the summer months. If your skin is lumpy and you want smoother skin, talk to the experts at Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic about industry leading and FDA approved VelaShape III

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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is known to be resistant to diet. This type of fat is separated by connective tissue that creates a distinct dimpled appearance on the surface of the skin.

In cellulite, the fat cells in the area are separated into compartments by connective tissue. When the fat cells increase in volume the top end of each compartment is pushed out by the fat cells. The skin on top of the area takes on a dimpled appearance.

As much as 80% of females suffer from cellulite after puberty or pregnancy. Cellulite can be embarrassing, plus the enlarged fat cells and tight fit in the compartments can compress blood vessels and other tissue.

Causes of cellulite are varied and can include:

  • Diet and exercise, to a point
  • Genetics and heredity
  • Hormone issues
  • Circulation problems
  • Smoking

The Importance of a Free Consultation

At Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic we offer a free consultation where you will receive personalised information based on your skin type and cellulite class. From this, you will know how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your treatment.

book a free cellulite consultation      Ask a question or enquire about cellulite removal treatment Melbourne       cellulite treatment cost melbourne, view price list

Cellulite Stages

Cellulite is categorised in three or classes, essentially the grade of your cellulite. The first class indicates that there’s no visible dimpling unless you pinch the skin. The second class involves cellulite that dimples when you stand, without any pinching. The third class involves dimpling whether you stand or sit.

The majority of women have some form of cellulite; men can have cellulite as well, but their septa rest at a different angle than the septa in women’s bodies, making cellulite much less common in men.

Solutions and Treatment

Sometimes the preferred treatment for cellulite is something you can do on your own, such as losing weight if you’re overweight — the reduction in fat can flatten out the pockets to an extent — or improving your circulation through exercise. The majority of cellulite, especially in class two or class three require a specific treatment.

VelaShape 3 – Tackling Cellulite

Regardless of the class of cellulite on your body, you can benefit from Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic’s VelaShape III. This FDA approved device uses four technologies in one to smooth out your lumps and bumps, utilising:

    • Bi-polar radio frequency to focus on the dermal layer of skin
    • Mechanised tissue manipulation to provide deep massage and increase circulation
    • Infra-red heating combines to improve the effectiveness of bi-polar radio frequency
    • Vacuum technology pulls the skin into the applicator to further improve the radio-frequency and circulation

Additional advantages to VelaShape III

This tried and tested device does not stop at cellulite removal. In the one treatment it will also tighten skin and reduce fat through body contouring. All work in a synergistic way to smooth your skin.

Syneron Candela pioneered cellulite and body contouring with radio frequencies, and VelaShape became the first non-invasive cellulite reduction procedure to receive clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration back in 2002. VelaShape procedures are very common internationally, with over 10,000 VelaShape procedures performed each day. The technology has been studied extensively, with more than 40 clinical studies. 5 million people across the world have benefited from this technology.

Before & After Photos

Although results will vary from person to person, we have seen consistently good results at Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic with Velashape III. The before and after photos below are after three treatments*.

VelaShape Melbourne - cellulite removal treatment

What’s the next step?

If you are suffering from cellulite, it is time to take action. Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic in Richmond specialise in and are passionate about treating your skin concerns. The next step is to book a free consultation to have your skin assessed. To book a free consultation you can give our friendly team a call today on 1300 896 834 or book online by clicking on the button below.

book a free cellulite consultation      Ask a question or enquire about cellulite removal treatment Melbourne       cellulite treatment cost melbourne, view price list

Pre & Post Treatment Care Information

Pre Treatment Care

It is advisable to exfoliate the skin with appropriate creams before treatment. You should attend the treatment with clean, dry skin (no perfume, no lotion). Hair removal is advised in treatment area to aid with smooth movement of the applicator and to avoid overheating the treatment area. We are available to provide further information to you during your initial free consultation.

Also, it is recommended that anticoagulants such as aspirin are avoided throughout the succession of treatments, if medical condition permits and pertinent to your physician’s approval. Anticoagulants can increase the possibility of bruising. We are available to provide further information to you during your initial free consultation.


Post Treatment Care

After treatment, it is recommended that you resume your daily routine and a Healthy diet and routine exercise are strongly recommended to help clear the broken down (liquefied) fat and assist the body in burning (consume) the released free fatty acids as a source of energy. It will optimize your experience and may improve the results. We are available to provide further information to you during your initial free consultation.


Velashape is a safe and effective treatment as the heat is targeted and monitored within the skin in controlled parameters. There are no known/reported long term or short term health effects.
At Feel Good, we ensure a comfortable and effective treatment for all of our clients and most have described the treatment as a warm deep tissue massage, however, Velashape does produce heat within the skin and can feel hot at times (as we aim to reach high temperature for an ideal session). This is managed by client and the clinician’s communication as well as temperature gauges on our devices.
Velashape is a great treatment to choose if you are looking to reduce cellulite, shape and tone the body, firm the skin and increase skin tightness and texture. After only 2 treatments, up to 1-3cm circumference reduction can be seen, however, results may vary. The perfect treatment for stubborn areas that won’t tone with exercise!
Treatments are performed in 20 minute sessions, however, the amount of time spent in our clinic depends on the amount of areas you are having treated plus the setting up time for instance, where we need to measure the area being treated. At Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic we recommend minimum of 3 treatments, however, further treatments are seen to be more beneficial, or a follow up maintenance treatment after your first 3 sessions. Treatments can be performed 2-4 weeks apart but at Feel Good we suggest 2 weeks gap between treatments.
Results can be seen as little as two-week post treatment, though the final results can be seen 2-4 weeks after the 3rd treatment and may vary for every individual.
There is little down time with this treatment, you may experience slight redness in the area and a warm sensation within the skin which should subside within 24 hours.
Prices vary per client and per treatment area, so come into our Feel Good clinic for a free consultation!

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