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Acne Vulgaris (better known as Acne) is caused when the skins pores form blockages from a rather high amount of excess sebum production, excessive deposition of keratin and build-up of P. acnes bacteria. The face, neck, chest, shoulders and back are the main areas that can be affected by acne due to having a higher number of oil glands than anywhere else on the body.

There are many reasons as to why one may suffer from acne along with presenting many grades and severities.

A common cause of acne is hormonal activity, throughout puberty and menstrual cycles, an increase in sex hormones (androgens) cause our follicular glands to grow and produce more sebum.

There is also a very strong relationship between incorrect product use and acne. Many people do not realise that the products they are using on their skin can actually be making it worse. Eg; Normal/Oily skins using quite occlusive products causing clogging of the pores resulting in blackheads, congestion, pore inflammation and bacteria build up. There are many other causes to acne vulgaris such as medications, diet, stress and physiological issues and it can also be more than that one issue that is stimulating the acne.

When assessing acne, there are 4 certain grades we go by.

GRADE 1 – The mildest grade consisting of blackheads, whiteheads that are generally located around the T-ZONE (forehead, nose, chin).

GRADE 2 – Moderate acne consisting of blackheads, whiteheads, large pustules and papules with slight inflammation and reddening. These are generally seen around the cheeks, chin and jaw line in addition to the nose and forehead.

GRADE 3 – Very similar in location to grade 2 although the level of inflammation, increased sized papules and pustules which infection becomes greater with a higher risk of scarring.

GRADE 4 – The highest grade of acne, grade 3 left untreated. The term generally used for grade 4 acne is cystic acne/nodulocystic acne. The number pustules and papules are increased with surrounding large cysts, severe inflammation and quite painful. In most cases, grade 4 acne is spread down the neck, chest and back with the infection being so deep makes scarring inevitable. Grade 4 acne is generally looked after with strong prescriptive medications from a GP.

Many different treatments are available depending on what grade of acne is present. At Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic we recommend a customised treatment plan for you tailored to your individual needs as we understand we are all different in our own unique way. Our treatments vary from tailored skincare routines, medical skin treatments (such as clinical peels, dermabrasion, laser) and more depending on what works best for you.

Pre & Post Treatment Care Information

Pre Treatment Care

Generally for most of our treatments we advise you avoid sun exposure at least two weeks before treatment. We recommend to start using your homecare regime which we suggest during your consultation. Our staff are available to provide further information to you during your initial free consultation.


Post Treatment Care

After receiving some skin treatments, depending on your skin type and individual sensitivity, your skin may be slightly red immediately following the procedure. This typically lasts from a few minutes to several hours after the procedure. Topical anesthetic ointments and cooling are sometimes used to reduce discomfort during treatment and help minimise post treatment effects. Our staff are available to provide further information to you during your initial free consultation.


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